The History of a Warsaw Insurgent

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The End of the Uprising. The First Years after the War.

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How Politics Can Change History. It is known that heavy fighting took place between the Home Army and the Germans in August and September in the buildings where the stains have been found and that many of the bodies of Polish soldiers who died in battle were left to lie in the spot where they fell, sometimes for up to several months.

For these reasons, the stains are widely held among local people to be blood of fallen heroes. Certain elements in blood can react with marble and other stone when they have been in contact for a long time causing a chemical reaction that leaves the appearance of the stone altered and can never be cleaned off. But despite the apparent certainty, most of the stains have never been tested to see if they were in fact made by blood.

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That is until now. Since last year, the Warsaw Rising Museum has been cataloguing their locations and carrying out research into their origin.

However, it is no easy process. For example, a metal object that started to rust could leave a very similar mark. Other signs of WWII fighting in the building are bullet holes strewn across walls.

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The research, which is still under way, is taking place in three stages. Sporadic fighting continued on for another week, until the last of the insurgents were rounded up. Of the more than 50, Jews captured during the uprising, 14, were either executed immediately or killed upon arrival at Treblinka. The remaining prisoners were sent to a number of concentration camps, where by the end of the war all but few thousand were dead, along with the 6 million other Jews and another 6 million non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust.


In August , 1, inmates at Treblinka, possibly including fighters recently arrived from Warsaw, staged an armed revolt that, while eventually crushed, allowed dozens of prisoners to escape. A year later, the Polish resistance Home Army led an even larger revolt in the non-Jewish quarters of the city, which despite little support held out for more than two months against German troops before finally collapsing. The bravery of the men, women and children of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising has inspired a number of books, songs and films.

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