The Betrayer of Blood

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The chestplate of the betrayer is a type of chest armor that is available in both male and female styles.

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Comment by rwbombc I think this stage of the quest chain is vastly easier than the first part, now that most of us know what we were doing. Ashley Geary rated it really liked it Jun 04, Drowned Censer. Comment by Rendermoon If you pay attention to what blizzard tells you in-game things like "Use Shiv to dispel it! Original wrappers. He did kill a prison guard if I recollect correctly so should get his comeuppance for at least that. The bug where there is no red aggro radius ring when you're stealthing in is still there though, just use Sneaking Potion ; you can practically run through the mobs and not aggro them with it active.

You must be at least level 55 and have at least 40 rage and 22 constitution points to purchase and use the chestplate of the betrayer. The chestplate of the betrayer increases your maximum blood by when your vampire is wearing it.

Wearing the chestplate of the betrayer will make your vampire vulnerable to damage from holy sources. Holy vulnerability is at level 1 for a chestplate of the betrayer.

Rogue Legendary Quest - "Blood of the Betrayer"

You can inscribe the chestplate of the betrayer with any of the scorn inscriptions for chest armor. The chestplate of the betrayer has a total of two sockets for gems :. The chestplate of the betrayer has the following procs associated with it:.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. The Catalysts of Chaos Series: Book 1 ~ Mistress of Masks Book 2 ~ Betrayer of Blood Book 3 ~ Summoner of Storms. Betrayer of Blood book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The time of chaos is approaching. While the dark sorcerer, Rathna.

You can purchase the chestplate of the betrayer from the Soul trader , the local merchant in the Infernal planes , for 1, blood sapphires. You can disenchant a chestplate of the betrayer.

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Added by 1 of our members. The time of chaos is approaching. While the dark sorcerer, Rathnakar, expands his undead army and schemes to obtain a scepter of power that could change the course of the future, the oracle of Silverwood Grove moves to thwart him. But all her plans for the protection of Earth Realm lie in the hands of three unlikely champions. Fleeing from the newly fallen Asincourt seclusionary, Eydis and Geveral struggle to protect the refugees in their charge.