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Whereas now it is run Gus: Did we have a Dave: No, Gus. And we certainly didn't have one where you revealed your paranoid fantasies in embarrassing detail. George: Now Damien: Yeah, well, I don't think they should ban it. I mean, I don't believe that a film can incite people to want to commit murder! Dave: What the hell kind of accent was that supposed to be?!

Sally: feigning ignorance Well, it sounded like rather good Welsh to me. I feel the disappointment.

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I feel the blame and the let down. I stomp my foot to banish those thoughts and turn to hug my step-father. We did it! Thank you so much for the thieving, support, and keeping the secret! She winks at me and smiles restoring my heart to its previous fullness and my humor. People tell me that they immediately recognize my sister.

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She is an older version of that beautiful child with the big violet blue eyes they knew. This time I know I have beauty. If not on my face then in my heart. I have beauty in my soul. I have beauty in my words, in my intentions, in my love and appreciation for others, nature, and in the way I see the world.

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The greatest beauty I have is in my ability to forgive others for the pain I have suffered due to their actions. She was suffering a pain of her own. I forgive my brother for not coming to this surprise party and robbing mom of most likely this last chance to have all three of her children together for her birthday. I forgive my maternal grandmother for treating me different than my siblings and not gifting me with something precious.

And I forgive myself for allowing myself to be hurt deeply by the actions of others and carrying that pain for so many years. My mother now has a large portrait of her father and I get to see what my maternal grandfather looks like. Drambuie and I continued our way down the Serpentine Road; a road of great beauty made of greenish-brown stone.

It was the kind of stone that one would find in the entry way of a great estate. Feeling the need to share my unrestricted heart, I leaned forward wrapping my arms around his neck in a hug and squeezed. You were floating out there in lala land. I could have played the role of a serpentine prankster and you would never have noticed, you were so far out there.

Have a good time? Why would you deliberately cause yourself pain and suffering? You have an experience that hurts you deeply. And it was your decision to hold on to this crap in the first place? Get it, crap for brains? Just shut up! The most infectious laughter came from the tree we were passing. I looked into the boughs above us and saw this woman of undeterminable age with rosy cheeks, a broad smile, dimple in her chin, and bare feet mere inches from the top of my head. I actually keep sliding on the slick serpintine stone while spinning on my butt!

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Drambuie is laughing so hard he is unable to breathe. Hee snort haw! Now I have a partner in our unrehearsed, unchoreographed spins. I, too, was laughing and snorting which set Drambuie off again causing him to lose his balance and slide on his hind quarters down the road in the opposite direction. When one of us caught a breath and seemed to be able to stand, the other would continue in gales of contagious laughter that would spread to the others. She hopped upon that ass. They made the journey through her heart til she fell of her ass, alas, the lass, was spinning on the stone away from home on her own…asssssssssss.

After awhile, the three of us were splayed on the Serpentine Road looking like roadkill. No one dared look at another. We simply focused on breathing. Breathe in, breathe out. The woman from the tree was the first to revive herself. She stood up, ran her hand through her hair and surveyed the damage. I was face down on the serpentine stone. My chin laid in a puddle of drool as I was too weak to swallow my own saliva.

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A short distance from us, Drambuie was laid out like a stuffed toy dropped and forgotten then stepped on. The woman helped me to my feet.

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She told me the seat of my pants were as shiney as the stone of the road. Together we walked over to Drambuie and tried to help him to his feet. He was too heavy for one to take each end so we both pulled this head and front up, then the back.

As we pulled up the back of his body, his front feet slid apart and the front slid back down to the road. The opposite occurred when we returned to the front of his body. She took a large safety pin from her pocket and stabbed Drambuie right in the butt. I am so very glad that we were able to have such a riotous time together.

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I was so hungry that it felt like my stomach was eating my back! London , England , UK. Friend Reviews. When one of us caught a breath and seemed to be able to stand, the other would continue in gales of contagious laughter that would spread to the others. Guest star Andrew Lincoln appears as "Terry".

Thank you. Thank you so much! Drambuie headed back up the road to get me. I climed on and shook my head. I smiled knowingly. It is one of the most healthy activities known to woman and beast. As we passed under the woman in the tree, I noticed with great interest that her feet were no longer bare.

He still had socks on. Each sock was similar yet different.

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May 7, in Uncategorized by Sally 8 comments. It is more than a tug of the heartstrings. I felt hollow like an eagle bone whistle.

And I had this horribly bitter taste in my mouth. Drambuie and I both fall into silence as we follow the path to the Serpentine Road. I kneel nearby and hear the whispers of women who call me by name; women of my blood who came before me. Harvey Girls were wholesome, moral girls hired by Fred Harvey to provide food to railway passengers from the many resteraunts built along the Santa Fe railway line.