Philippian Studies Lessons in Faith and Love from St. Pauls Epistle to the Philippians

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Steve I love listening to you. Your faith and your love to Jesus and His Church are amazing and positively contagious. Mary of Agreda? I encourage you to read it! God bless You!!! Just returned home from the Holy Land after being with the Footsteps of Paul group. I went to the Upper Room as it is one of my favorite places on earth.

Could you refresh my memory on the peacock eye and its location??? I have been employeed here at EWTN radio for 10 years. John Martignoni told me to contact you regarding my prison apostolet. I frequent Limestone prison in Huntsville, Alabama. Like you, he is a convert to the faith and he was wondering if you could suggest any material that would benefit him in teaching the Catholic faith to the inmates. Any thing that you could donate to the prison libary there would be much apprecated by the inmates.

I was listening to EWTN while driving this morning.

Paul’s Love for the Philippians

You were talking to Theresa Tomeo about the 6 things to o when praying for fallen away Catholics. Where can I find these and any other information that will help me? We have several family members that have left the Church. Thank you and God bless you. I saw you today on Journey Home and was completely amazed at your knowledge and insight of the catholic religion.

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I will read your books and any watch any videos I can get. Can wait to learn more about the faith I would die for. Is it possible to get a copy of the interview? Thank you and God bless you and your work. You have enthused me to increase my knowledge of my faith. Your style, your explanations and your passion for Christ reminds me of the great apostle Paul.

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Even Paul struggled. Parting the Waters - America in the King Years Only in Philippians do we find an entire letter in which Paul never calls explicit attention to his apostolic authority. In this section of the letter, he focused on three sources of the joy he found in the midst of his sorrow: the success of his present ministry in verses a; his hope for future deliverance in verses 18b; and his anticipation of future ministry in verses This spontaneous rescue of German refugee Jews from Shanghai became the impetus for the devised rescue plans that followed, bringing… 1,… to a safe haven in the Pacific. How could the Revolutionary War be fought for freedom without granting freedom to all? At this point, Paul's imprisonment was weighing heavily on him.

I was listening to you on Catholic Radio in Phoenix today. What was the bible study you were reccomending. Hey Steve….

Overview: Romans Ch. 1-4

I read Crossing the Tiber, but no longer have my copy… Can you help me reconcile what this blog is saying using the ECFs. I would not waste my time reading them. I used to have time to respond in detail to them, especially on the Primacy of Peter in the See of Rome. These guys say the Fathers referred to the Eucharist as a symbol. Yes, they did because it IS a symbol. But it is also WHAT it symbolizes. These anti-Catholics only emphasize the former and ignore the latter.

Read my book Crossing the Tiber again, especially the last section which deals with all this in detail. The whole Church believed in the Real Presence and still does. The only ones that reject it are a small sliver of the Christian pie — the Evangelicals. Hi Steve, I just discovered your website and absolutely love it!

Glad you are finding it helpful. The Matthew article and link is good — I checked it.

Suffering in Prison

Next (Philippine-American War) It is a letter from St. Paul to the church of Philippi. Known as . ISBN ; Moule, H. C. G. Philippian Studies: Lessons in Faith and Love from St. Paul's Epistle to the Philippians. Pauline Studies; arrow left. This is the fifth lesson in our series Paul's Prison Epistles. This was also where the well-known Philippian jailor professed faith in.

It opens in Microsoft word. Sincerity is that in which we should have our conversation in the world, and it is the glory of all our graces. Christians should not be apt to take offence, and should be very careful not to offend God or the brethren. The things which most honour God will most benefit us. Let us not leave it doubtful whether any good fruit is found in us or not. A small measure of Christian love, knowledge, and fruitfulness should not satisfy any. Barnes' Notes on the Bible And this I pray - We pray for those whom we love, and whose welfare we seek. We desire their happiness; and there is no way more appropriate of expressing that desire than of going to God, and seeking it at his hand.

Paul proceeds to enumerate the blessings which he sought for them; and it is worthy of observation that he did not ask riches, or worldly prosperity, but that his supplications were confined to spiritual blessings, and he sought these as the most desirable of all favors. That your love may abound This is an appropriate subject of prayer. We cannot wish and pray for a better thing for our Christian friends, than that they may abound in love.

Nothing will promote their welfare like this; and we had better pray for this, than that they may obtain abundant riches, and share the honors and pleasures of the world. In knowledge - The idea is, that he wished them to have intelligent affection. It should not be mere blind affection, but that intelligent love which is based on an enlarged view of divine things - on a just apprehension of the claims of God. And in all judgment - Margin, "sense;" compare the notes at Hebrews The word here means, the power of discerning; and the meaning is, that he wished that their love should be exercised with proper discrimination.

It should be in proportion to the relative value of objects; and the meaning of the whole is, that the wished their religion to be intelligent and discriminating; to be based on knowledge, and a proper sense of the relative value of objects, as well as to be the tender affection of the heart.

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Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary 9. The subject of his prayer for them Php Christianity is a vigorous plant, not the hotbed growth of enthusiasm.

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That your love may abound; viz. Yet more and more in knowledge; being founded on a sound and saving understanding of the things of God, and ourselves, John Romans Ephesians , with Ephesians 2 Peter ; and an acknowledgment of the truth which is after godliness, Titus By all "judgment", or "sense", as in the Greek text, is designed a spiritual apprehension, judgment, and sensation of things.

After having stated and discussed, in Php , the reason why he thanks God with respect to his readers, Paul now, till the end of Php , sets forth what it is that he asks in prayer for them. The connection is misapprehended by Calovius and Rheinwald, who explain it as love to God and Christ; also by Matthies comp.

Rilliet , who takes it as love to everything, that is truly Christian; comp. Homer, Od. Romans ; 2 Corinthians Elz. Hebrews The opposite of this is the dulness and inaction of the inward sense of ethical feeling Romans ; Matthew , et al. Proverbs ; Exodus ; Sir , Rec. In the contrast, however, mistaking and misapprehending are not correlative to the former, and deception to the latter Hofmann ; both contrast with both. Two different things would thus be joined.

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The former portion is concluded by the fervent and solemn ver. Jatho also Br. This, as in Colossians , would have been expressed by Paul.

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Expositor's Greek Testament Php Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges 9. In this Ep.

The Generosity of the Philippians

He prays that their love may richly possess knowledge and perception as its attendants and aids. The structure of the word suggests developed, full knowledge; the N. It is a frequent word with St Paul. Bengel's Gnomen Php Hence arose the form used formerly in the assemblies of the Church,[4] and which is vernacular among us: Caritas vestra, your love charity , in a wider sense. A previous [anticipatory] allusion to the love which they had shown to him; ch.

Php ; Php Thus it seems that Paul's prayers to make up what is lacking in the Philippians faith, that is. Paul's Epistle to the.