Late Night Musings of an Old Man

Musings of an Old Man
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She's also, in my opinion, more than a bit of a 'bad-ass' and someone I wish I'd had the confidence as a young woman to be more like. Your husband can call your doctor and have access to all of your records without your permission.

Musings of an old man in his 70's

This is the world I came of age in. Those were difficult times for women. Not that my father was like that.

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And thank the Seven. Ultraquiet No More. They have lost sight of what we fought so hard to achieve. This might be something serious after all. Never thought I'd be the "May" of a May-December infatuation at my age. And they asked me in to dinner, to get the beauty of it hot—. They study form, they weigh up the odds, they listen out for information, tips, changes in the betting.

Women in my family have always worked outside the home. It was encouraged and not frowned upon. But once I left home, I found doors closed to me. Car loans.

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Late-Night Musings of an Old Man [Jon E. Moxley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What do you think about when you sit in bed at night. Late Night Musings of an Old Man. Front Cover. Dorrance Publishing. 0 Reviews · Preview this book». What people are saying - Write a review. We haven't.

Credit cards. And certainly reproductive services. We wanted basic rights — equal pay, equal employment, equal care, equal financial opportunity. Which translated to. I was a lesser person. Many of these restrictions were laws — laws! Some were just understood. The main objective was to make women equal class citizens. There are some who say it came out of the civil rights movement.

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I think it really started during World War II, when women filled the jobs left by men going into the armed forces. Rosie the Riveter exemplified those women.

Musings of an Old man in His Seventy’s

After the war, and the men came home, women were no longer satisfied to stay at home and be the little wife. We marched. We burned our bras. We staged sit-ins. We staged walk-outs. We wrote our legislators. We talked to our men. In some cases, there was violence. But change oftentimes involves violence. The movement was really about the patriarchal and sexist system in this country. The media portrayed us as man-haters, but that was far from the truth. We loved men.

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Roles were revised. Sex could be discussed. Our feelings and needs were brought out into the open. Our problems were added to books and courses in sociology, psychology, and even biology. Colleges began to teach courses. Abortion laws were changed. Women wanted to rid the country of the idea of objectifying women. We protested the Miss America Pageant. We wanted control over our reproductive processes.

We wanted to be paid for maternity leave. We wanted safe havens from abusive relationships.

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We wanted laws that would make marital rape a crime. We wanted the right to initiate and achieve a divorce, including a 'no fault' divorce. My generation of women fought to change these antiquated laws made by rich, old, white men. Because of us, women have access to birth control. Women can expect and receive equal pay for equal work. Women can buy a house without asking anyone.

Women can buy a car. Women can serve in any position in the military and can take any job they are qualified to perform. We can get a divorce.

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We can get help if in abusive relationships. We can talk about sex in the open. But I fear many of our rights are eroding, and we are regressing.

Look at all of the anti-abortion laws or attempted laws today. I would never be alone with a woman for fear of the accusations and retribution. That is not what we fought to change and protect. We did not hate men. We gloried in our differences. We wanted equality, not dominion over men. I will not be part of the Me Too movement. They have lost sight of what we fought so hard to achieve.

. . . . . . there is no edge to openness

They are making a mockery of our work. They should read works by Gloria Steinem and Susan Brownmiller before going forward. More About Kitty Philips: After high school, she took a year off, traveled, and married. At 23, she found herself divorced and pregnant. As a single parent, she understood the need to find an occupation that would provide an income for life - and she knew it would not be in a traditional woman's job.

Relying on her grandmother for her daughter's day care, she commuted to college in Daytona and earned a degree in computer science. After graduation, she entered her career as a programmer and met her husband, Jeffrey. They've traveled the world diving, horseback riding, and cooking.

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She and Jeffrey, and two horses, live in Tennessee and continue to travel. My dad passed over twenty years ago. He was a as he would say 'real kick in the pants. But a dad? For some people, Dad is the one who contributed his DNA to you. There are a few things I know for sure about dads. They relish a cold beer after mowing the lawn. They make the best tree forts. They believe winking at you erases a clumsy remark. They love steak. They wear T-shirts from their high school or college days until they disintegrate. They adore their children.