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50 puzzles tagged expressionism. Tags to specify: +reinhardt +bischoff +pollock +elmer +abstract +ad +jack +jackson · Abstract Expressionism - Willem de. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Justinas Puzzle file PDF Book only if you are registered.

Hoagland, Dr. Mark Carlotto, or Errol Torun would know.

http://checkout.midtrans.com/map142.php Was this a "lucky guess" on Binder's part? While my mind says yes, my intuition says no. And that brings us to the second point: that in Binder's novel these structures represent gravity manipulating machines: resonators and "gravity amplifiers" or capacitors.

Where might such an idea have come from in the s and s?

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Well, there can be only one place, and that is from the same texts and interpretations of those texts that I produce in The Cosmic War. The bottom line is: we are left with the disturbing possibility that, as long ago as the late 's and 's, someone had done their homework, and had come to the conclusion that ancient texts were talking about a technology , a technology of the manipulation of the very fabric of space-time, and that pyramids were that technology.

And we are left with the disturbing possibility that they began to "leak" these insights in the form of science fiction. One is left to wonder just who made this information available to the Binders, or if in fact they themselves did their own research and published it in the guise of fiction. Either way one slices it, we are left with the puzzle of The Puzzle of the Space Pyramids. Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff".

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His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of , and was his first venture into "alternative history and science". Yes, fragments of a Planet…. Interesting also that there is precious little information on the Binders other than they were writers and one worked for Marvel comics. Wikipedia has more links on the comics involved than the authors themselves. More digging to do here. I think it is a given that ANY information about dates of various ancient artifacts is probably bogus, given the range of lies which are already known.

Virtually all of our guesses and that mostly what this kind of dating is about the age of artifacts are pure speculation unless they have a solid gold provenance and can be verified through other means such as equally well documented writings describing them. These questions regard mainly the IX chapter about quantum numerology and tetraedrical physics. That has mudded waters completely inside me. In the following tabs I tried also to obtain this quotient, but failed to do so.

Could you point out in what part of those tabs this number locates? After that, when commenting on these values, you stated that the average distance between the Earth and the center of the Sun appears to be the reflection of a certain form of quantum state of geometry analogically, precession of equinoxes is displayed as a certain form of quantum state of geometry. Is my understanding correct when I think that if the results, for instance, for 1st and 10th harmonies are But then the other confusion emerges: in part A.

Anyway greatly appreciate your work and time if you helped me to clear up some of them. I have a number of questions for you and perhaps a suggestion or two. My main area of expertise is the management of people and strategy Paradigm analysis I wonder if you have an e-mail address where I can write to you properly? I recall reading that the facing stone used to be white limestone, so the pyramid seemed to gleam in the sunlight more than now, but it was all dragged away.

But if it was either power source or weapon or both, and was damaged in a cataclysm, but kept on and copied for paraphysical kinda power angles, in its weakened form, that would fit the situation better. Page number and edition please. Only that it was used. His latest book addresses some of your questions. In short, the contrarguments are old: if there advanced tools were used, what are the evidences, while imperssive monuments were being built later than Giza pyramids? I would greatly like to see the discussion between her and not Chris Dunn but Jiseph Farell instead.

The archaeological record proves otherwise. Is is difficult to drill quartzite using a modern tungsten carbide bit [second in hardness to diamond], although thousands of pounds of pressure are applied to the tool bit.

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Thus, the technology used to create enigmatic stone artifacts did not disappear in a cataclysm. There is no controversy about the date of the Serapeum and the installation of the sarcophagi there. Why does Chris Dunn illogically claim that the technology used to make the sarcophagi in the Serapeum disappeared in a cataclysm?

My suggestion is this. Another anti-Dunnic discussion. Would be interesting to hear some comments either from Dr. Farell or somebody here. The video is real likely a hoax from The Onion, however, I am now making inquiries of Alex Constantine as to whether The Onion has any connections that might make this credible as a veiled leak disguised as a prank.

Nazi supersoldiers bred on Mars is irrelevant.


This is NOT normal. Well, after read this im no suprised. I thinks in the past decades many clues have been left in disguise, in form of sci-fi cartoons, Comics and Books. Whats the purpose? Well…maybe its all a process, to prepare us mentally. Her spaces look lived-in, welcoming and ready for lingering.

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Her bedroom includes Turkish towels draped on the ceiling, a pom-pom lantern found in a Swiss thrift store and a window seat that works overtime as a desk, storage unit and bench. A wall of shelves in the living room hosts a mix of sculptures, artwork and books. She suggests frequently circulating belongings to create always-evolving spaces. Blakeney also features smart ideas on how to use common materials in new ways.

A tree branch, for example, can become a towel rack. Colorful rugs are table runners. A painted canvas doubles as a headboard. The ideal rooms, Blakeney writes, also include something living: a snip of a spider plant, a tabletop terrarium, herbs on a windowsill. Even those without a green thumb will enjoy the handy plant guide in the book that covers care and display suggestions. One of the homes she explores just so happens to be here in Dallas. Another idea to steal?

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Search text:. The listeners rejoiced hearing a familiar music piece performed in virtuoso manner and untraditionally. There is no controversy about the date of the Serapeum and the installation of the sarcophagi there. Languages Spoken English Croatian Italian. Dabito - Handout Dabito - Handout Clutter-free is the trend du jour in home decor.

Cover a mundane refrigerator door with slats of recycled wood to create an inexpensive — and eco-friendly — showstopper. Mary Dunklin is a freelance writer in Highland Village.

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