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FIRE 101: A Beginner’s Guide to FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early)
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Income-producing assets are assets that put cash into your pocket every month. These are GOOD assets. So, how do you get started accumulating income-producing assets? First, you need to significantly increase your income and aggressively reduce your expenses. So, you can allocate more money to accumulate good assets and accelerate your progress. If you are working at a full-time job, find ways to add value to the company and ask your boss for a pay raise.

If you still have free time outside your job, you can consider starting a side hustle to earn extra money. As you earn more money, you should cut down your expenses at the same time. Record down every single expense you have in one particular month in an excel spreadsheet or a notebook. Out of all the expenses, you need to group them into five categories:.

For essential expenses, is there any way to lower it further? For example, you can move to a place with lower rent or you can eat at home more often and dine out less. If you are serious about early retirement, you should track down your expenses every single month and review it regularly. It might seem very tedious and boring, but it will help you stay on track to retire early.

Next, you must learn the right way to buy income-producing assets.

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If you skip this important step, it might cost you money and also possibly set you back years from retiring early. Real estate is one of the most commonly known ways to help you achieve financial freedom and reach your early retirement goal.

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Robert Kiyosaki is one good example of achieving financial freedom and retiring early with real estate. You see, not all properties will generate income for you. There are good rental properties and there are not so good ones. Good rental properties give you positive cash flow and potential capital appreciation in the future while bad ones can make you lose money.

A no-BS guide to early retirement

For every property, the rental must exceed all the property-related expenses i. So basically, tenants are paying off the house for him and plus paying him every single month. For example, I bought a rental property with zero downpayment. Real estate is not the only way to retire early. You can consider accumulating high-quality dividend stocks. Jeremy and Winnie of GoCurryCracker stopped working and retired early to travel around the world in after accumulating a sizable dividend stock portfolio that gives them enough passive income to cover all their day-to-day expenses.

So, over a span of less than a decade, they managed to grow their portfolio to 1 million dollars. For you to retire early, how much passive income do you need to cover your monthly living expenses? Below is a table where you can find out how big a portfolio size you need in order to generate the required passive income. If this seems daunting to you, then you might want to read on because I am going to show you a faster way to retire early without having a dividend stock portfolio at all.

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With an online business, you can generate a handsome income for yourself with a laptop from anywhere in the world. I have been able to leave the corporate world and live my life on my own terms, all thanks to my online business. This all started after both my husband and I lost our jobs because the company we worked for suddenly closed down. This painful experience made me realize that I had to take control of my income and my time. My very first online business was called Service Arbitrage. First, you find in-demand services that freelancers are already offering at a super low price on freelancing websites.

Then, you market their services to businesses that need it. Once you get a sale, you hire the freelancers to deliver the work for you. How you make money is that you quote a higher price to your clients than what your freelancers quote you and pocket the price difference as your profit. The only difference is that you are outsourcing the work to other freelancers instead of doing the work yourself.


Taking the first step towards early retirement can be the toughest when you don't know what to do. Here, we teach you what is early retirement. Learn the basics of early retirement for travelers. How to live from your savings and investments, how to reach financial independence faster.

In a short span of a few months, I was able to grow my service arbitrage business to a consistent 4 figure business with only working on the business a couple of hours a day. After I have had success with this business, I decided to launch my own online courses as well as coaching program to share what I have learned.

This has became my second online business which has been generating a steady passive income for me. The best part about my online business is that it is run on auto-pilot. In other words, sales can come in even when I am sleeping or traveling overseas. Both of these places offer high quality index funds and have fantastic customer support teams who are ready to answer any questions you have regarding their funds. Afterwards, find out what index funds they have and start investing. Some funds allow you to create an in-house account wherein you can buy and sell funds offered by other firms — though you might run into extra fees if you decide to go this route.

Mutual funds are just one investment vehicle you should have for your early retirement strategy though. If you really want to take retiring early seriously, you need to get a health savings account. HSAs are savings accounts provided for people enrolled in high deductible health insurance plans.

Plus they combine all the best parts of Roth IRAs and ks.

Beginner’s Guide to Making a Planner

AND when you turn 65, you can withdraw the money without incurring any penalties. This makes HSAs a powerful, crucial tool when it comes to investing for early retirement.

see url If you want to truly be able to invest more money into early retirement, the best way to do that would be through the incredibly powerful combination of saving AND earning more money. Download a FREE copy of the Ultimate Guide today by entering your name and email below — and get on your way to early retirement. No games, no B. When you sign up, we'll keep you posted with a few emails per week. Ultimate Guide to Making Money.

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Discover the subtle psychological triggers that landed me a job offer from Google Why Ramit. Personal Finance. A no-BS guide to early retirement Early retirement seems like the dream — but how exactly do you get there? Step 1: Find out how much you need to retire early Step 2: Cut costs to save aggressively Step 3: Invest to grow your money Step 4: Earn more money This is a no-BS guide to early retirement.


To come up with how much you need to save, we need to look at three numbers: Income. How much you make a year after tax. How much you spend each year.

Whom is this guide for?

Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Similarly, there are many fun and interesting job opportunities in countries with lower wages. You can sign up on the Social Security Administration website , apply for benefits by phone , or visit your local Social Security office. The second step? Retirement Calculators and Reckoners What age can I retire?

This includes everything that you might possibly spend money on in the year including rent, utilities, groceries, clothes, insurance, gas, etc. When you want to retire. This is the timeline for your early retirement plans. This includes everything that you might possibly spend in a year including rent, utilities, groceries, gas, etc.